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Dry Cleaned Shirts


Professional products for professional peeple

Powder Bleaches

powder bleach

Safety Bleach (Oxygen -non- Chlorine bleach)

safety bleach

Safety Bleach is used to improve whites on any natural or synthetic fibres without risk of damage although care should be taken with wool and silk items. The bleaching action is effective in the removal of stains from both white and coloured garments which have resisted normal spotting and washing techniques.

Safety Bleach contains active oxidising agents and a blend of enzymes which are capable of digesting many difficult stains such as red wine, caramelised sugar, dye stains and redeposition.

Available in 4 kg, 20kg


Chlor 20 (Chlorine Bleach)

Chlor 20 is a high  performance organic laundry bleach containing 20% active chlorine when packed. Its best used for heavy stained white linen.

Chlor 20 will affect dyes even at low concentrations and should not be used without pre-testing.

*Do NOT use on wools or silks.

Available in 5 kg, 25kg


Optifix (Reduction Bleach)

Optifix is used to improve whites on all fabrics, especially garments which have been affected by sunlight. Its extremely effective for the removal of fugitive dyes particularly for whites which have collected dyes through re-deposition.

Optifix can be used on knitwear of all types, linens and synthetic blends. Its the best and quickest bleach for bowling and cricket whites, producing excellent results in the minimum amount of time.

*This bleach often affects dyes and coloured garments and should be tested first, prior to use.

Available in 6 kg, 20kg


Strip (Reduction Bleach)

Strip is a buffered bleach used to strip dye and whiten stained garments. It can be used with complete safety on ALL white fabrics.

When used on dyed or printed garments, a colour fastness test should be carried out first.

Available in 5kg, 20kg


Liquid Bleaches

Liquid bleach

Hydrogen Peroxide (50%)

Hydrogen Peroxide is a high strength liquid oxygen bleach and is suitable for when automated dispenser units are available. Primarily used in stain removal or the whitening of garments.

Available in 5L, 20L

*handle with care, can be corrosive to eyes, skin and respiratory system. Store in vented container out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources.

hydrogen pero

Sodium Hypochlorite 

Sodium Chloride is a liquid chlorine bleach containing 12.5% active chlorine, designed for use in automated dispenser units. Effective in stain removal or whitening particularly when an oxygen bleach is not required.


Available in 5L, 20L

*Not suitable for coloured garments

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