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Dry Cleaned Shirts


Professional products for professional peeple

Proofing / Finishing Agents

Aquaproof Concentrate

Aquaproof Concentrate is a specifically developed formulation that creates water repellent elements into your garments allowing them to bead and expel water with ease, keeping you dry on the inside. This specialised chemical also has the added benefit of protecting your garments from oil and dirt.

Important tips:

  • Clean garments prior to treatment to ensure all dirt is removed from the clothes.

  • Do NOT use a fabric softener prior to using Aquaproof

  • Your water temperature should NOT exceed 40°c (warm)

  • If doing multiple garments ensure that the fibre composition of each garment is the same.


Available in 5L and 20L drums



Dryproof is a dry side proofing agent which gives the fabrics and garments high rain repellency of the new textile finished. It is a liquid, dissolves in cold solvent perfectly and is completely stable.

Availble in 5L cans.



Drysize is an odourless dry side retexturing agent which allows sizing to be applied to white and bright coloured items without dulling their appearance. The sizing film is non-tacky and the rumple resistance of the treated garments are considerably improved. Drysize is suitable for use with Perclean® or hydrocarbon solvents.

Available in 5L and 20L drums.


Soil Guard C

Soil Guard C is a fluoro-chemical when applied by spraying onto a surface, once cured it gives a protective coating that repels subsequent soiling. Suitable for use on felt, leather, paper, lounge suites and car upholstery.

Available in 5L and 20L drums.


Silk Finish S

Silk Finish S is formulated to overcome the fault of silk fabrics becoming chafed and abraded, bringing back brightness and colour to sensitive fibres. Chafed and dulled cottons, linen and other fibres may also respond well to the treatment.

Available in 5L drums.


Battledress Stiffener

Battledress Stiffener is a finishing agent for when garments require a firm finish such as military drabs, or for long term starching of items such as table linen. The effect is fast for upto 10 Dry Cleaning cycles or 5 Launderings.

Availble 5L and 20L drums.

battledress white.jpg

Ampitol SF

Ampitol SF is an aqueous re-texturing and sizing agent to aid in shirt finishing. It improves the handling and imparts a crisp finish. The formulation also acts as a lubricant to minimise compaction​ during the final process, thus improving the ease of finishing.

Availble 5L and 20L drums.

battledress white.jpg
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