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For all your laundry needs

Laundry Bleach - Powder

Safety Bleach

Safety bleach is used to improve whites on any natural or synthetic fibres without risk of damage although care should be taken with wool and silk items. The bleaching action is effective in the removal of stains from both white and coloured garments which have resisted normal spotting and washing techniques.

Safety Bleach contains active oxidising agents and a blend of enzymes which are capable of digesting many difficult stains such as red wine, caramelised sugar, dye stains and redeposition.

Available in 4 kg, 20kg



Oxyclean is an oxidising bleach text

Available in 5 kg, 20kg


Laundry Bleach - Liquid

dcc bleach

Dry Cleaners Choice Bleach (5%)

Dry Cleaners Choice Liquid Bleach is a chlorine based bleach with 5% active chlorine. It brightens stained and yellowed white linens. May not be suitable for coloured items.

Available in 5L and 20L

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