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For all your laundry needs

Laundry Detergent - Liquid

detergent liquid


Ecofresh is a specially formulated dual enzyme action laundry liquid which specializes in the removal of starch and protein based stains. pH neutral for the extra care required when processing sensitive fabrics like silks and wool, Ecofresh combines its dual enzyme power with a fresh frangrance to leave your clothes smelling fresher for longer.

Available in 5L and 20L

ecofresh white.jpg

Wet Det

Wet Det is a mild neutral liquid laundry detergent containing optical brightener to help lift the colour on white and coloured garments. It provides excellent cleaning and reduction of dye cross staining and greying due to soil redeposition. With a pH of 8 its eminently suitable for laundering of woolen, silk or blankets. It is also suitable for use in automated dispensing equipment.

Available in 20L

wedet white.jpg


Aquafresh has a pH between 8.5 to 9.5 and is suitable for cleaning highly soiled garments. Consisting of high wetting emulsification and possessing dispersion properties, Aquafresh will ensure a minimised greying from soiling.

*Modified version of Aquafresh with greater viscosity is also available for those who wish to use it in an automated system and require an easier flow rate.

Available in 20L


Dry Cleaners Choice Laundry Liquid

DCC Laundry Liquid is a highly concentrated all-purpose laundry liquid. It contains optical brighteners and anti-depositing agents to leave a wide variety or garments cleaner and brighter with a fresh lavender fragrance.  

Available in 20L

dcc liquid



Woolwash is a pH neutral and phosphate free detergent. It is specially formulated for the washing of delicate materials. Such as wool and wool blended fabrics, or pH sensitive fabrics. It will leave cleaned garments fresh and soft with a hint of eucalyptus fragrance.

Available in 5L, 20L

woolwash white.jpg

Laundry Detergent - Powder

launry powder

Clean n Fresh

Clean n Fresh is a leader in enzymatic cleaning. It releases the power of 4 different types of enzymes and posseses a non-chlorine oxidation action for colour safety and superior whiteness. A truly versatile product, Its ideally suited for cleaning heavily soiled or age related soiling in all garment types. Suitable for both front or top loaders. Ideal for use when processing large volume of shirts and pre-treatment is not an option.

Available in 5kg, 20kg


Cold Scour

Cold Scour is a heavy duty laundry powder that is completely soluble in both hot or cold water. It is a low foaming product that makes it suitable for either front loaders or top loaders.

Available in 20kg bags

cold scour.jpg

Power Plus

Power Plus is a one shot laundry detergent designed for indutrial laundry use where high alkali muscle power is needed for removal of severe soiling such as abattoirs workwear and mechanics overalls.

Available in 20kg bags


Clean 25

Clean 25 is a high performance laundry detergent for use at 70°c or higher. It shows excellent soil removal and with added fluorescent whiteners it will ensure both brighter whites and colours. This high performing broad spectrum built detergent contains synthetic detergents, phosphates, protective colloids and optical brightening agents.

Available in 20kg bags


Dry Cleaners Choice Laundry Powder

DCC Laundry Powder is an economical laundry powder that is light citrus scented and fortified with optical brightener and anti-depositing agent. It is the Dry Cleaners choice due to its reliable cleaning power.

Available in 20kg bags

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