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Sizing and Starches

liq starch white.jpg

Liquid Starch

Liquid Starch is for use in the final rinse of a wash cycle. Ideally suited to cotton or cotton poly blends. It consists of a synthetic polymer in aqueous emulsion and performs well in the production of stiff finishes on fabrics of synthetic blends or natural fibres. It also gives excellent drape and handle on furnishing fabrics and imparts firmness and body to woven and knitted fabrics.


Available in 5L and 20L drums.

liquid starch
battledress white.jpg

Battledress Stiffener

Battledress Stiffener is a wet side stiffening agent designed for creating very firm finishes eg. imparting knife like creases demanded by the army or for permanent starching of items such as table linen. The effects can last upto 10 dry cleaning cycles or 5 laundry washes.


Available in 5L and 20L drums.

spraystarch white.jpg

Spray Starch

Spray Starch is a ready to use textile finishing aid for improving the finish on fabrics at the pressing stage. It is water soluble and can be thinned to suit the application of either hand or air equipment. If a firmer finish is required then the addition of battledress stiffener can be mixed with spray starch to produce the desired results.

Available in 5L and 20L drums.

ampitol white.jpg

Ampitol SF

Ampitol SF is an aqueous re-texturing and sizing agent to aid in shirt finishing. It improves the handling and imparts a crisp finish. The formulation also acts as a lubricant to minimise compaction​ during the final process, thus improving the ease of finishing.

Available in 5L and 20L drums.

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