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Sanikleen (Hand Sanitiser)

SANIKLEEN is a hand sanitiser with moisturising effect, containing 70% (v/v) ethyl alcohol and chlorhexidine gluconate. Rubbing your hands with a few drops of SANIKLEEN can kill germs and leave your hands clean, soft and soothed.

It has a fast acting and effective proven antimicrobial activity.

​It features:

  • Provides immediate protection killing 99.99% germs. (tested by CMA testing and certification laboratories. Report No. AZ0008676(5). Bactericide efficacy >99.99%)

  • Great alternative when soap and water are not available

  • Contains Australian Aloe Vera and moisturisers to prevent skin dryness on the long term.

Available in 30ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L and bulk.

sanikleen hand sanitiser

Hand Soap



Aquarius is a pink coloured pleasantly perfumed hand soap, it is non-clogging, non-corrosive that is suitable for all dispensers. Gentle on the hands and safe for the family. 

Available in 5L, 20L


Aquarius (Antiseptic)

Aquarius (antiseptic) is a pink coloured pleasantly perfumed hand soap with the added benefit of antiseptic as part of the formula, safe for the family this product will be sure to protect the well being of your family.

Available in 5L, 20L



Sanisoft hand soap is a blue coloured soap formulated with antiseptic. It is both gentle on the skin and has a fresh fragrance that is suitable for the entire family.

Available in 5L, 20L


Chemolin HP

Chemolin HP is a liquid waterless, heavy duty hand soap formulated for industrial workers. it has a blend of soaps, lanolins, citrus oil and bacteriacide to remove grease and grime from the hands all working together to clean and protect your hands.

Available in 5L, 20L


Handrub (pumice paste)

Handrub is a pumice based, green coloured, abrasive hand soap ideally suited for the removal of oil, grease, grime and soil that is picked up from the workplace or garden.

Available in 5L, 20L


Body Wash


Body Wash

Body Wash is a body soap that is suitable for any dispenser, formulated from Australian sourced Aloe Vera juice it will leave your skin feeling soft and fresh for a long time after use.

Available in 5L, 20L


Shampoo / Conditioner


Silky Blue

Silky Blue is a shampoo and conditioner that is mild and gentle suitable for daily use, it will leave your hair soft shiny and at its most manageable best.

Available in 5L and 20L


Baby Hygiene



Nappykleen is a deodorising and sanitising powder designed to clean, disinfect and deodorise a childs soiled nappy.

Available in 5kg and 20kg