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Plastic waste

Having your clothes or fabrics dry cleaned usually means having an extra plastic bag to deal with. For the enviromentally conscious what do we do with it?

Many people maybe dont know but soft or lightweight plastics shouldn't be put into your kerb side recycling bin (yellow top wheelie bin Plastic ( )due to the fact that the soft plastic can contaminate the machinery. So what would be the proper procedure to dispose of the dry cleaning bags that we have been stock piling up?

Fortunately for Australia we have RED Group that has an initiative to collect soft plastics with partnerships at most local grocery shops to collect unwanted plastic bags for recycling. (Redcycle)

So where can you find your nearest dropoff redcycle bin? you can find out here Where to REDcycle – Redcycle luckily they have partnered up with many local supermarkets to make things easier for all.

So the next time you get back from your drycleaners make sure to collect the plastic bags with your other soft plastics so that you can responsibly dispose of it at the nearest red cycle disposal bin. These are usually nearby the checkout areas, if the store is a participating store Where to REDcycle – Redcycle be sure to ask the customer service desk about recycling the plastic bags.

So please remember,

If it is plastic and can be scrunched up into a ball, it can be dropped off at a red cycle recycling bin.

If it isnt plastic or cannot be scrunched up into a ball it cannot be recycled via red cycle.

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