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Dry Cleaning Products - Solvent Conditioning


Phix is an effective buffer for maintaining the neutrality of the solvent by scavenging any acid formed in the system, often due to solvent degradation.  This is important as any acidity in the system can cause serious corrosion in the machine.

Available in 5L and 20L drums



Bacterialcide is an effective bacterial control agent for eliminating any bacteria in the cleaning system and helps  to eliminate the presence of foul and unpleasant odours within the cleaned garments.

Available in 500 mL and 5L drums


Deodouriser Q

Deodouriser Q is added to the solvent via the button trap or the cage.  It is a highly concentrated perfume specifically designed for the use in Perchloroethylene systems. Added through the button trap or cage Deodoriser Q will mask the most stringent of odours.

Available in 1 L, 4L cans