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Stelco Chemicals International is a specialist supplier of solvent, surfactant and speciality formulations designed to service a broad range of industries including Dry Cleaning, Laundry, Textiles, Domestic and Commercial cleaning, Hospitality, Healthcare, Motor vehicle care and many more. We also specialize in Toll Manufacturing and Chemical manufacturing to meet customer needs.
Dry Cleaning Waste Collection

Dry Cleaning produces waste products, at Stelco we make it our mission to dispose of these products as enviromentally responsible as possible. We follow strict government guidelines to ensure safe and responsible handling and disposal of waste products. We assist with your compliancy requirements by completing and filing government and regulatory documentation on your behalf.

At Stelco we have a wide network of suppliers from within Australia and overseas. We can source what products you will need (dangerous goods or non dangerous) at competitive prices and have an option to store your products for when you require them.

Toll Manufacturing

Stelco has been providing Toll Manufacturing for its clients in a wide range of industries for more than 20 years. With in house ability to store dangerous and non dangerous goods, process and pack your products for you. We have the technology, equipment and expertise to cover the production of your products to your specifications.

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Contract Manufacturing

We can source the raw materials needed from the most reliable sources from overseas or within Australia as per your requests, with your product/s packaged to your standards and specifications. We have the storage expertise, knowledge and professionalism to help you manufacture your product to your own specifications and provide piece of mind to know that we will keep your products confidential.

Contact us on +03 9757 3100 to find out more about our range of services. Be ensured that all orders will be completed on time, professionally, to your standards and at competitive prices.

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