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Stelco Season Specials

Stelco Chemicals would like to take the opportunity of welcoming everybody back and to confirm our commitment of support to the industry and YOUR Business.

We have taken the opportunity to REDUCE pricing on selected items to assist with the transitioning of all business reopenings across Melbourne and Australia. scroll further down to find out which items apply.

We would like to remind you that Stelco is the manufacturer and supplier of locally made quality assured products to help keep you and your staff COVID safe.

Finally we would like to thank everyone for all of their understanding, assistance, loyalty and patience during these unprecedented and uncertain times.

Welcome back and it is great to be looking after you again!

best Regards,


Stelco chemicals

Promoted items: from Nov '20 - Jan '21

Printed christmas poly 50'G & continuous gusset

PERCLEAN® 10L cubes + detergents

Non epi polys

Blue & Silver coat hangars

White shirt hangars

Blanket bags

Hand Sanitisers

All purpose sanitiser spray

Sanisoft hand soap

*contact us or your sales representative today to find out more about current promotional items.

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